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    • Tengo

      5864286306   14.10.2017

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    • Ferrari 430 Scuderia by Jaziba

      PROTIPS for an awesome experience:

      *FORGET the car small bugs, drive it like you stole it. GET MAD, do burnouts, this kind of stuff. It's still an unfinished car. More will come...

      *CRUISE with the car, don't worry only about racing... the BEST thing to do with this car is, put it on 3rd gear, cruise around in low speeds, then accelerate and enjoy the music! I don't like much the 1st to 3rd gear aceleration, its just TOO fast, you can't hear much of the engine, just some massive screaming... from 3rd on, its AWESOME!

      *ENJOY IT like a Ferrari! Use the proper rims on it, and it'll be happy and gift you with some great moments. Don't slam it too much, don't crash it... And if you want to go mad, put some slicks @ the rear, use the MADMAXPOWA supacharger and change your fuel to methanol. You'll have a 7 second Ferrari.

      *TELL ME what you think of the handling and the sounds. I'm new on this sounds department, but I'm finding how it works, that feedback will help me improve the future releases.
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